Your family is safe with Carpin

Find your friends and family's current location and keep them safe! Carpin is a tracking app and a family finder that aims to inform the real-time location and your safety to your family and friends even if they are not available to answer your call.

You can see track their live location from the map.


You can track location

  • Everyone wants to know where their family and friends are; it is a parental instinct to know that your kids are safe. Whether you are driving a car, at school, at work or when you are not available to answer a text or a call, instead of being scared, with Carpin, you can find and track your family and friends' current location and know they are safe.

    By tracking your child's location, you will know whether she/he is in a safe location with Carpin. You can share your live location with your friends and your family that you have arrived at your destination from map.

Track by phone number

By entering the phone number of the person you want to follow, you can easily send an SMS to him and invite him to the Carpin application.

Or you can add them to your circle by sharing the circle code in Carpin with your loved ones.


Be aware of emergencies

  • In case of emergency, your loved ones can easily share SOS information with you, and you can ensure the safety of your loved ones with the location information Carpin provides.




Install directly from store

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